Where can I download music videos on mobile?

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We all love Tubidy. Since it is known as the greatest mobile videos resource on the Internet, most of us don’t even care to give it a second look much less a review on how well it is performing. But I disagree. With the release of its mobile app along with its mobile website, I think it calls for an in-depth review so that it can also learn from us on how it can improve. This time, we really have to ask ourselves if we really like Tubidy on our mobile phones so we can get rid of it if it is not performing that well. Continue reading

Free Internet Phone Rival For Skype


Skype pretty much rules the roost when it comes to Internet telephony and its free PC-to-PC service has millions of fans but there’s a new kid on the block called the Gizmo Project. The basic software is free, just like Skype, and it has all of the usual VOIP facilities, including free PC to PC calling, conference calls and so on but here’s the killer features.

First it’s an open source program so it should be compatible with other VOIP systems but the big news is that outgoing calls to overseas landline and mobile phones are free. So what’s the catch?
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Hot Pix and Kittens Eliminate Robots

You know those web site forms where you have to prove you are human and not some robotic program by reading crazy shaped or distorted letters and numbers and copy them into a box? Well, that’s called Text Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and not everyone likes is, so here’s news of a couple of alternatives. Continue reading


2038 Bug

You can’t say we don’t keep you informed. Here’s a quick heads-up for a potentially nasty little computer bug that could ruin your day on January 19th 2038… This one will only affect computers based on the Unix operating system, which includes some versions of Linux, and Windows 2000 machines running exotic applications may also be affected. The bug is similar to the notorious Y2K bug in that vulnerable computers will register the time and date incorrectly when the bug strikes. It’s all to do with the way Unix computers work out time. Instead of relying on an in built calendar they count seconds from the notional date the system was conceived, at GMT 00:00:00, on Thursday, January 1st, 1970, and like a car’s odometer going round the clock, on bug day it will run out of digits and the counter will roll over and probably reset to January 1st 1901 or another equally invalid date. Continue reading


Adobe Acrobat ReaderIf you have a broadband connection and read a lot of PDF (Portable Document Format) documents you may well find that the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in can be a quite slow to open in Firefox, which can be quite frustrating. There is a way to speed it up and that is to have Firefox download the PDF file first and then open it in a compact Acrobat Reader window. (This tweak probably won’t do much good if you have a slow dial-up connection). Continue reading



Q: I am a new PC owner and I have become addicted to the Windows game FreeCell. A friend tells me some games are unwinnable, is this true and can you tell me which ones they are?

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Paper Aeroplane Software

Q: Hello, I wonder if you can help me track down a piece of software I recall seeing some years ago? The program in question showed you how to make a variety of paper aeroplanes printing the plans or fold lines on a sheet of paper for you to follow.

I can’t remember what it was called but I know my nine year old plane-mad grandson would love to try some of them out.

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If your Windows 8 has started misbehaving it can be difficult to know where to start looking. One of the first places the experts go to is the log files maintained by Windows, which record unusual or abnormal activity and error messages. Continue reading


Buried deep inside Windows there is the potentially useful facility to re-map your keyboard. In other words you can decide what every keys does. Wouldn’t it be great to make those weird unused keys do something useful? Scroll Lock, for example, could be remapped to mute the sound, open your Home Page or even fire up the Windows Calculator. You can do it, if you know your way around the Registry, or you could just download a brilliant little freeware program called KeyTweak. Continue reading


Ever been driven crazy by the Windows Solitaire game?  Here’s a quick and simple cheat that gets you out of a corner and lets you win every time. All you have to do is press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift then click on the top card and you will then find you can select the cards on the stack one at a time. Continue reading